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Reputation Management

Making Mindful Decisions

When we’re looking for a book to read, music to listen to, or a vacation to take, we rely on the trusted opinions of others, which help us in making better selections and informed decisions.
‍Similarly, if you want to find, compare, and select physicians, hospitals, specialists, physiotherapists, and dentists… There is just one source that can be trusted and is impartial, and dependable:

750ad: The Most Trusted Service for Independent Healthcare Reviews. Why?

  • Documents and shares healthcare experiences in an open and transparent manner.
  • Enables individuals to make correct and most educated decisions for themselves, their families, and their friends.
  • Recognizes individuals and organizations that provide exceptional healthcare.

750ad: The Choice for The Reputation Management For Healthcare Providers. Why?

  • One of India’s most authentic healthcare websites.
  • Public and doctors alike see it as a reliable source of unbiased, unbiased reviews (both positive and negative reviews are published transparently)
  • Patient feedback helps with professional growth, assessment, and revalidation, as well as quality improvement.
  • Positive feedback on our platform boosts the company. Ability to respond to comments, be seen to be responsive
  •  Certificate of Quality — a symbol of high-quality care.
Third Revolution in Healthcare

People Need Unbiased Information

Third Revolution in Healthcare

Engaging Rather Than Only Treating and Caring

Third Revolution in Healthcare

Identifying What is Bothering the Person Most

Third Revolution in Healthcare

Welcome to the Third Revolution of Healthcare

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