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Patient Experience Management

Its as easy as A, B, C

It’s easy to say, but not necessarily easy to do.

Why healthcare providers prefer

750adCare for Patient Experience Management

  • A high-volume, secure, sophisticated platform for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting patient feedback.
  • Instills a quality-improvement-focused, “patient-first” culture.
  • Meets regulatory practices of National Medical Commission, Medical Council of India and Medical Council of India.
  • A team of proven specialists in patient engagement strategy who work in various healthcare settings, including across multiple-touchpoint treatment pathways.

750adCare is a leader in its field

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We have been supporting the hospice community for over 10 years. We continues to provide this support to over 100 UK hospices and provides a cost-effective and ongoing way.
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750ad is a market leading patient experience solution for all sectors. We offer state of the art dashboards, and have over 6 million reviews on our platform.
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750adCare’s four-year partnership with global provider of haemodialysis clinics

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