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Patient Insight

Listen, Learn, Act

With comprehensive analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, 750ad makes it simple to comprehend the patient voice.

Individual teams, locations, and even entire healthcare systems can access a variety of reports and dashboards that give both real-time and planned data.

Why do hospitals and clinics opt for 750adGreatCare 

to obtain patient insight?

  • Knowledge – We know what it takes to be healthy. It’s what we are expert at, and it’s all we focus on. It’s how we figure out what your data means and how to make suggestions.
  • Convenience – provide us data you’ve already gathered, or we’ll gather and analyse it for you.
  • Time Saving – instead of weeks of labor, we can analyze thousands or tens of thousands of comments and provide thorough results around major topics and sentiment analysis.
  • Trust – independent analysis from the patient voice’s trustworthy specialists offers integrity and belief as a foundation for making decisions and taking measures.
  • A group of seasoned professionals in the field of patient engagement strategy.

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Patient Insights

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Third Revolution in Healthcare

People Need Unbiased Information

Third Revolution in Healthcare

Engaging Rather Than Only Treating and Caring

Third Revolution in Healthcare

Identifying What is Bothering the Person Most

Third Revolution in Healthcare

Welcome to the Third Revolution of Healthcare

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