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Supplying real-world evidence to commissioners of the positive impact of The Cancer Vanguard Programme


National Cancer Vanguard

Case Study

750adhealthcare’s partnership with NHS National Cancer Vanguard spearheaded by The Royal Marsden



The Project

750ad partnered with The Royal Marsden over three years to evaluate end-to-end user satisfaction with the patient journey for those receiving a cancer diagnosis.

The Cancer Vanguard wanted to ensure that all measured outcomes were patient-centric in order to develop the programme according to the best interests of patients across London and Manchester, not just in the interests of individual Services or Trusts. As industry experts in patent experience and outcomes, 750ad worked with the vanguard to co-design metrics that would best evaluate the efficacy of the vanguard programme, according to patients’ experience of their journey through the system. The UK’s largest ever real-time cancer patient experience and outcome evaluation system was launched in 2017. Bespoke question sets were developed to include core 750ad questions, permitting national benchmarking of quality at key touch points from diagnosis to treatments to palliative care.

Understanding experience of the steps in the cancer journey ensured that no learning opportunities fell through the gaps and that every single patient could contribute to improving service design and delivery. The data captured by the 750ad partnership supplied the cancer vanguard with insights across locations and services as well as tumour types and demographics, providing unparalleled understanding of patient journeys through the life-changing experience of a cancer diagnosis.

The Results

The data was used to monitor the quality and efficacy of the programme, supplying real-world evidence to commissioners of the positive impact of the cancer vanguard programme, thus supporting further rounds of funding. Almost 21,000 reviews were submitted in the first six months of the programme, with 11,000 free text comments suitable for sentiment and thematic analysis. The high volume of reviews meant that even rare conditions were represented in the data. 750ads end-to-end project management and processing of patient experience and outcomes enabled the vanguard leads to focus their efforts on re-shaping and re-defining healthcare systems to lead innovative change across the NHS.

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