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Bamwoodo wooden comb

The wide-toothed Rosewood/Sheesham wood comb from Bamwoodo has numerous advantages over plastic combs. Your hair may develop static charges by using plastic or metal combs and brushes, which may result in frizz or static. The hair strands dry out and become brittle due to static and frizz. On the other hand, using a wooden comb stops static charges from building up on your hair and does more than that.

Using Bamwoodo’s Pocket Size to comb through your hair Wider teeth assist to untangle your long, curly hair without breaking it, and Rosewood/Sheesham wood combs get lots of conditioning and nurturing from the natural components of the Rosewood. The natural oils in your hair are evenly dispersed throughout it when you comb it with a Sheesham wood comb. In doing so, the hair is kept from being loose and springy. When you brush your hair with a Sheesham wood comb, it rubs on your scalp, stimulating the acupuncture points while also massaging it. All of this has shown to be beneficial for your scalp’s general blood flow and to your hair in a big way.

Pocket Size Bamwoodo Wide Rosewood/Sheesham Wood Comb is very durable. It is extremely durable and, unlike other plastic combs, doesn’t affect the environment because Rosewood is a renewable resource. The teeth seldom break, and if they do, they may be repaired.

The Wide Pocket Size Rosewood/Sheesham Wood Comb from Bamwoodo is incredibly simple to clean. Simply take out the loose hairs from the comb and put them inside your dresser or another dry location. However, keep them out of the water since moisture tends to shorten the life of Sheesham wood comb.

Key Benefits

  • Handmade, with wider teeth to help with knots, and without sharp teeth like plastic or metal combs. Rosewood provides natural nourishment.
  • Acupuncture from the use of these combs improves blood flow while preventing hair loss, reducing dandruff and itchy scalp, and removing dirt and foreign objects.
  • Wooden combs are extremely durable and suitable for all hair types.

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